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Last updated May 22, 2023

CL2 Group


F1TENTH is a 1/10th scale racing car that serves as a platform to research Head-to-Head Autonomous Racing. I got access to this vehicle by doing a URA under professor Yash Pant since September 2022.

I implemented the entire software stack onto this car (mapping, localization, raceline generation, pure pursuit, obstacle avoidance) using ROS2. During this process, I learned so much about autonomy and realized just how much effort it takes to simply getting Robotics to work.

The F1TENTH is worth $5000+ and equipped with:

Engineering Focus (DONE)

Get really good at implementing algorithms on ROS2, including SLAM (Mapping), Particle Filter (Localization), Pure Pursuit (following an auto-generated Optimal Raceline) and RRT* (Obstacle Avoidance).

(NEXT) Race and win at F1TENTH @ CPS-IoT Week 2023 for May 2023

Research Focus (In Progress)

Check out Head-to-Head Autonomous Racing and F1TENTH Research Proposal. Very much still in the early phases of ideation.

Through the research, I’ve learned about concepts such as

Concepts Learned from Lab Assignments



About the F1TENTH Car

One of the coolest features that was presented is this custom ESC, the VESC - Vedder ESC which has so many COOL features, including built-in IMU chips and Regenerative Braking.


It uses a Velineon 3500 Brushless Motor Motor (BLDC)

Full voltge: ~12.2V Low Voltage: Around 11V is where it is start to get really low.

Other random things I learned:

Engineering Lessons