Battle and War

Gordon Grigor taught me this lesson. This is how NVIDIA has been able to stay alive for so long.

A better word for vision is perspective. Because everyone has a perspective.

  • Common sense was unique back then,

28:30: If you’re not reinventing yourself, you’re slowly dying at the rate of Moore’s Law.

31:40 The market doesn’t set the price, the competition does.

Culture of risk-taking. Taking risks is a skill. Most people hate to fail.

35:10 If you want to be successful, you want to develop a tolerance for failure.

Innovative company, solve problems that the problem didn’t know it even had.

As a CEO, selecting people is 99% of the job. Only go with co-founders you completely trust.

Your reputation will precede you.

Everything successful needs to be torn down and rebuilt. It sucks but it needs to be done. It tests your conviction. Reinventing every 10 years is fun and challenging for Jensen.