Hi there, I’m Steven 👋

I’m a Software Engineering student at the University of Waterloo who really enjoys solving hard problems at the intersections of software, AI and robotics.

Under the Hood: My Second Brain 🧠

I've been using Obsidian since September 2021 to take Conceptual Notes. In 2023, I decided to share ~80% of my 5000+ notes to the public.

Talk to My Digital Clone

I recently made a clone of myself equipped with the knowledge hosted on this website. Try it out!

Currently Learning...

Explore My Brain:

  • You can use the search bar 🔍 to look for my thoughts on a particular topic (ex: “self-learning”)
  • My Maps of Content (MOCs) are vague outlines of my world
  • My school notes can be found Waterloo Software Engineering
  • Outside of trying to be a technical person, I occasionally think about humanity, see My Worldviews for a taste, or my blog

A Note on My Notes

These notes are primarily written for myself as I am Learning. As a result, they are often incomplete and don’t make sense. My goal by sharing these notes is to showcase the topics that I am interested, display my knowledge (or lack thereof) in a subject, and encourage serendipitous encounters. If you think there is a topic that I NEED to learn, shoot me a message on Twitter.

Also, if you see a hyperlink that doesn’t work, it’s probably a private note (ex: 20 Years Old).

My notes are here for you to get another perspective on how to think about concepts in a way that has not been possible less than 3 years ago.

Speaking at BrebeufHx, a hackathon that I co-founded in high school.

In The Past