Hi there, I’m Steven 👋

I’m a Software Engineering student at the University of Waterloo who really enjoys solving hard engineering problems at the intersections of software, AI and robotics.

Currently seeking Summer 2024 internships.

Under the Hood: My Second Brain 🧠

I've been using Obsidian since September 2021 to take Conceptual Notes. I've recently decided to share ~75% of my 4000+ notes to the public.

Currently Learning...

Explore My Brain:

  • You can use the search bar 🔍 to look for my thoughts on a particular topic (ex: “self-learning”)
  • My Maps of Content (MOCs) are vague outlines of my world
  • My school notes can be found Waterloo Software Engineering
  • Outside of trying to be a technical person, I occasionally think about humanity, see My Worldviews for a taste, or my blog

A Note on My Notes

These notes are primarily written for myself as I am Learning. As a result, they are often incomplete and don’t make sense. My goal by sharing these notes is to showcase the topics that I am interested, display my knowledge (and lack off) in a subject, and encourage serendipitous encounters. If you think there is a topic that I NEED to learn, shoot me a message on Twitter.

Also, if you see a hyperlink that doesn’t work, it’s probably a private note (ex: 20 Years Old).

My notes are here for you to get another perspective on how to think about concepts in a way that has not been possible less than 3 years ago.

Speaking at BrebeufHx, a hackathon that I co-founded in high school.

In The Past