Beamforming is a type of radio frequency (RF) management in which a wireless signal is directed toward a specific receiving device. Literally point a beam into a UE so that they get signal, that’s how wireless works!

Better beamforming = increased spectral efficiency

Two types of Beamforming:

  1. Analog Beamforming (ABF)

    • One beam at a time
    • FDM of different directions not possible
    • Less complex implementation
    • Typically used at mm-wave
  2. Digital Beamforming (DBF)

    • Multiple beams at a time
    • FDM of different directions possible
    • More complex implementation
    • Currently mainly at low/mid bands

You need to understand all of these terminologies.

These are concepts I want to understand:

  • Beam Measurement
  • Beam Selection
  • Beam Sweeping
    • transmits the beams in all predefined directions in a burst in a regular interval. Find the best Synchronization Signal Block (SSB) blocks
  • Beam Refinement
  • Beam Switching
  • Beam Recovering
  • Beam Tracking
  • Beam Correspondance