Comedy of Errors

Solinus - Duke of Ephesus,
merchant named Egeon (native of Syracus, which is the rival of Ephesus)

Came to look for his family

Antipholus (the son of Egeon), is also in Ephesus, although they are not aware of each other’s presence.

He sends his servant Dromio of Syracus.

But there’s also Antipholus of Ephesus, who also has a servant called Dromio.
Two sons, both named Antipholus

Act 2, Scene 1

Adriana - Wife of Antipholus of Ephesus wonders where both her husband and slave are. Adriana is getting impatient, but Luciana tells her to be more patient.

Finally, the slave Dromio of Ephesus comes home, but he says that Antipholus of E. has gone mad, he asked him to come home and for some reason. he asks for a thousand marks in gold.

Adriana tells Dromio to go fetch him again, and Dromio relectulantly agrees.

Adriana goes into a mid-life crisis monologue and develops insecurities because her husband isn’t coming home to her.

She thinks he might be cheating on her with a secret lover.

Scene 2:

Antipholus finds that indeed his money and luggage have been placed safely at the Centaur (inn they are staying at). He finds Dromio of S. and asks him if he was mad, who says he doesn’t remember telling him to come home to dinner, or about his mistress, because it was Dromo of E. who said that. He hasn’t seen him since he was sent by Antipholus there.

Then, Adriana and Luciana run into Antipholus. Adriana accuses him of infidelity. Antipholus and Dromio are both confused because they obviously have not met Adriana and Luciana, who confuse them for the Ephesus counterparts.

Antipholus says he never met them, but they are not convinced, so he decides to play along.

Scene 3

Antipholus of Ephesus - the locals of the island
Antipholus of Syracus (and his father) - The foreigners, who are here to come search for his long lost brother twin

Antipholus of E. meets with Angelo (guy who seels the gold chain) and Balthazar (the merchant), trying to go back home with the food they have. Then, he realizes his door is locked. Dromio screams for all the people inside (Maud, Bridget, Marian, Cicely, Gillian, Ginn) to let them in.

“I think thou art an ass.”

Antipholus and Dromio of E. both try to get back into their home, but Anti and Dromio of S. are already in the house, so they do not let them in.

They keep exchanging words, Anti and Dromio of E. trying to convince them to let them in and that they are the real Anti and Dromio, while the Syracusian counterparts and even the wife keep telling them to go away.

Scene 2
Luciana accuses Antipholus of S. of not really loving his wife, but that at least he should continue to pretend.

OMG as we predicted, Antipholus of S. falls in love with Adriana’s sister (Luciana). So we now have brothers who are in love with sisters.

Then Dromio of S. is panicking because there is a very fat woman who claims to be his wife LOL. It is probably Dromio of E.’s wife.

Antipholus of S. thinks this town only has witches.

Angelo gives the chain to Antipholus of Syracus.

Act 4

Scene 1 Antipholus of E. sends Dromio of E. to get a rope. Angelo (the gold merchant) is now talking to Antipholus of E., and wants his money for the golden chain he just gave him, but Antipholus of E. says that he wants the chain first. Then an officer comes into the picture, getting ready to arrest Antipholus.

Then, Dromio of S. comes into the picture, and thinking he is talking to Antipholus of S., tells him that the ship is pretty much ready.

But Antipholus of E. is like what the hell are you talking about? He orders Dromio of S. to go see Adriana and giver her this key, and to tell her that he got arrested, and to open his desk and use that money (purse of durcats?) to bail him out.

Scene 2 Luciana talks to Adriana about how Antipholus confessed his love to her.

Dromio of S. enters the scene, telling them that Antipholus is getting arrested and going to prison. Adriana gives Dromio money to bring Antipholus home immediately.

Scene 3 Dromio of S. now finds Antipholus of S., bringing him the “gold that he asked” for to bail him out, but Antipholus is like what are you talking about?

He then meets the Courtesan who asks for her chain and ring back, and then Antipholus calls her a devil. The Courtesan then says that Antipholus has gone crazy and goes tell his wife.

Scene 4 Now Dromio of E. is back, with the rope, which Antipholus of E. originally sent Dromio of E. Antipholus is mad and beats Dromio.

Adriana, Luciana, the Courtesan, and a sorcerer named Doctor Pinch arrive. They plan on curing Antipholus’ supposed madness.

They bind both Antipholus and Dromio, and take them to Adriana’s home.

Suddenly, both Anti. and Dromio of Syracus appear in the scene with drawn swords, which makes Luciana and Adriana run away. They assume that they have escaped from Doctor Pinch. They get to call more help to have them both bound again.


Page 78-80 Don’t you love it when you just have to read one sentence to flip to the next page? Just like good old kindergarden days.

  • In the real play, how were we supposed to distinguish the twins?

Act 5

Scene 1 Antipholus of E. runs into Angelo again who accuses him of lying, clearly seeing the gold chain around his neck. They draw swords against each other. Adriana enters the scene trying to stop them. Then, Antipholus and Dromio run away.

Aege makes the appearance in the scene and recognizes his son Antipholus alongside Dromio.

They do not recognize their own father.

And finally, the father explains the situation, and everything gets clarified, and it is basically one happy ending.