Culture Shock

Culture shock is a term used to refer to one’s reaction to entering a new environment where things are unpredictable, uncertain, and ambiguous.

Reverse Culture Shock

You had a successful term, and you’ve fallen in love with a new country and a new way of living. You can hardly imagine things any other way. Unfortunately though, it’s time to leave the host country and return home. As you prepare to say your goodbyes you may start to feel a little bit sad. You’re not sure when you’ll get to return to this place, or see your new friends again.

Then you arrive home and may realize that things just aren’t the same as they were when you left. People have changed, relationships have changed, and you have changed. You find that some of the things that used to feel normal don’t feel that way anymore, and you’re struggling to find your place back at home. You’re feeling sad and isolated. You’re experiencing reverse culture shock