I think the Smartest people are the most curious.

Read the Psychology of Curiosity, introduced from Storr-The Science of Storytelling In his paper ‘The Psychology of Curiosity’, Loewenstein breaks down four ways of involuntarily inducing curiosity in humans:

  1. the ‘posing of a question or presentation of a puzzle’
  2. ‘exposure to a sequence of events with an anticipated but unknown resolution’
  3. ‘the violation of expectations that triggers a search for an explanation’
  4. knowledge of ‘possession of information by someone else’

It seems that ENTJ people are very curious.

Annoying Curiosity

I don’t know if there is a term for this, but it’s like when you find something, and then it’s gone for a second. Then, you can’t focus on doing anything else until you find the answer to that.

For instance, you found the creator Aren Jo on the instagram reels. It wasn’t like wow, I want to instantly follow, but at the same time, you kept watching because you saw yourself in him. So you leave the page, and then you instantly forget his name. And then the thought of never finding him again scares you. So you spend the next 30 minutes searching for him to get rid of this annoying feeling that you don’t know.

Maybe the smartest people in the world have these questions for the things that they love. They just need to figure out the answers.

Curiosity Killed the Cat

Sometimes having too much curiosity is a bad thing.