Digital Clone

I recently made a clone of myself equipped with the knowledge hosted on this website. Try it out!

Thoughts on Digital Clone

Brian thinks that the idea of digital clones is stupid. Why would you want to talk to a clone of an imperfect human being, when you can to talk to an all-knowing LLM agent?

Well to be fair, I would for example want to talk to Andrej Karpathy or Elon Musk. Hear their story. But because they are human, and have limited time, they don’t have the bandwidth to talk to me. Now, I can!

  • These clones also need to be helpful. What I saw could be done with the GPT Builder was NOT it. It was terrible for long context windowz.

Having digital clones will probably facilitate the alignment problem. Or will it make it worse?

I think it’s because at the end of the day, we are human creatures. And sometimes we want a human response. We want it personalized.

Speaking with Chester

Spoke with Chester and if it were a clone trained on purely technical knowledge, then it is extremely useless. If it is opinionated and has life experience, then it is good.