I want to learn to become a great sketcher so I can better bring my ideas to reality. With my current inventions, I have been directly jumping onto Fusion 360, but I plan on purchasing an iPad Pro and sketch on there as part of my workflow.

I am learning Product/Industrial sketching, as those are the primary skills I will need to get.

In industrial design, we like “confident” lines, not hairy lines. We like to have one big stroke rather than many small strokes.

Straight Lines

This skill might seem simple but it is a fundamental one. Here are a few tips:

  • Draw with the whole arm
  • Ghost the line (i.e. pretend like you are drawing the line without making any trace on the paper)
  • Draw in a controlled manner

Practicing Straight Lines

  1. Draw parallel lines
  2. Aim lines point to point
  3. Draw boxes in perspective

Freehand Curves

Being able to draw free, accelerating curves is a key skill. Draw curves through multiple points. Draw one continuous line, and make sure it isn’t fuzzy.

Freehand Ellipses

Have good line weight and make sure not to draw over the ellipse again and again, even when its a bad ellipse, as it will only make the mistake more obvious.