Frame Rate

YouTubers say to Use 30FPS instead of 24FPS, because it looks smoother and more amateur. The motor blur at 24fps is way too cinematic.

title: Considering switch to 60FPS
I am considering switching to 60FPS, especially for vlogs, so I can later slow down the footage and get a nice half-speed footage for everything. Omg that would be sick. 
The only issue is that the footage really doesn't look as smooth anymore, because Premiere Pro has to drop frames, and the motion blur is not there anymore. 
For how to do that:
Sequence > timeline framerate The above link, the guy gives good insight.

Be intentional with the frame rates you want to show at.

24FPS when people are talking, so audio is synchronized to framerate of timeline 30FPS So you can slow it down to 24FPS later 60 FPS For those big emotional moments, and really drag it out

Only shoot at 60FPS when you want to do slow motion with them.

To slow down: See the youtube video, interpret footage