“Interestingness” coined by Casey Neistat. See his course.

Is interesting just an alias for odd?

When you make videos, always aim to show interestingness at every possible moment.

  • Even say in the moments where you are at peace. That peaceful scene is an interesting shot

Interestingness or good story?

  • High stakes makes the video interesting to watch, because you take a stance. I guess that is also what makes a good story

Happiness vs. Interestingness

I heard this from an episode of the Colin and Samir show where the game theory youtubers talk about how there was a lifechanging blog, that stated that having a happy life vs. an interesting life are on completely opposite spectrums.

Like those CEOs have a very interesting life, but they’re not very happy. So you need to figure out what you want.

Also saw from the same blog saying the new American dream is not to pursue happiness (by making money), but by pursuing interestingness. We’re the first generation that actually might make less than our parents.