Milling Machine

Pretty precise piece of machinery.

Parts of Milling Machine

How precise is this milling machine?

  • Like 0.1 mm to 0.001 mm. 3D printer is like 0.1mm too. Hair is 0.016 to 0.05mm.

What I learned to do

There’s many use cases.

  1. Square parts to dimension Pretty standard, you have a choice of either the fly cutter or a standard milling machine cutter drill (not the same as ones to drill holes which cut vertically, because these can cut horizontally)

2.Drilling Holes at precise locations

  • To do that, I needed to zero the part first. Use that tool (See picture),

as soon as the shaft shifts , you stop. Zero the x and y-axis. Then, move by 2.54mm because the width of the tool is 5.08mm.