Is anything such as originality anymore?

This goes together with Determinism.

The expression

Good artists borrow. Great artists steal. - Picasso

Am I copying or stealing?

There’s this book “Steal like an artist” that I am reading.

originality = undetected plagiarism

Original Thought

I think my belief that there is no such thing as original thought is kind of detrimental at this point. I am simply recycling ideas.

Maybe it is because of the projects I have been doing over the past few months, and the fact that I have been heads down focused on research and learning, and it’s been hard to use my creative freedom.

Getting Plagiarized On

One of the reasons I would Gatekeep is so that other people can’t copy you. This is the confidentiality thingy, you want to preserve the edge over the competitors. But as I spoke with Serena, she really changed my mind and inspired to try helping people more.

I think that getting copied is a signal that you are doing something right. So people want to emulate you.