Passion is overrated. It’s all about passion nowadays. Find your passion. Inspire the world with your passion.

By passion, I don’t mean “caring”. It means something more in the form of temporary Motivation.

One of the conclusions from Cal Newport’s “So Good They Can’t Ignore You” is that we shouldn’t follow our passions — instead, we should work hard at the things we are good at first and the passion will follow.

What humans require in our ascent is purpose and realism. Purpose, you could say, is like passion with boundaries. Realism is detachment and perspective.

Passion is about (I am so passionate about X). Purpose is to and for (I must do X. I was put here to accomplish X. I am wiling to endure X for the sake of this.)

Passion is form over function. Purpose is function, function, function.

What people mean by passion

Demonstrated competencies in a particular job.

The good passions

What am I passionate about? What makes me truly content? Engineering. Building hard, moving things and sharing them with the world.

I believe that passion is developed over time.

Elon Musk is unapologetic about passion. Hard work.