Types of Reasoning In artificial intelligence, reasoning can be divided into the following categories:

  • Deductive reasoning
  • Inductive reasoning
  • Abductive reasoning
  • Common Sense Reasoning
  • Monotonic Reasoning
  • Non-monotonic Reasoning

Combinatorial reasoning?

Difference between reasoning and problem-solving?

Reasoning is a skill that one needs for problem-solving. But arguably, reasoning is not enough sometimes for some super hard problems..? No, actually everything comes down to reasoning. Reason your way out of a problem. Logic.

“Problem-solving often involves other cognitive processes such as perception, memory, and reasoning.” ChatGPT - um bs. Memory is helpful but unreliable (since you forget), you can always get to truth with stronger reasoning. Every source of knowledge that exists on this planet can be achieved through reasoning.

  • Well no, you need empirical evidence to prove your hypotheses. So i guess reasoning with information, and as you get more information, your reasoning becomes stronger and stronger. But then, your memory fails you because you lose some of that information. When you start going up the Layers of Abstraction, you forget and lose yourself. Be a 10x Developer is High-Level Low-Level Thinking. Remember that.

Things you don’t understand to reason about:

Logic and Reason in Daily Life

“Logic and reason are our life preservers in a vast sea of uncertainty and bullshit. To let go of the life preserver, to cling onto the latest, greatest fad or the dipshit who’s currently on your screen… well, that’s intellectual suicide.” Source

Logical reasoning isn’t about “winning” an argument. It’s about finding the truth. And inevitably, getting closer to truth requires one to recognize and admit when they’re wrong. And that’s something you, me, and all the Rons of the world could be a bit better at.