Robotics Companies

List given thanks to Felix Wong.

Drone companies:

  • Brinc, based in seattle makes a security flying drone
  • Zipline, South SF makes long range delivery robots
  • Wing, bay area makes long range delivery robots
  • Skydio, san mateo makes inspection drones

Robotic arms

  • Kinova, makes arms based in Quebec
  • Kuka, makes arms
  • Zebra, makes a bunch of different robots based in San Jose
  • Intuitive surgical, surgical robots and solutions based in Sunnyvale

Mobile robots

  • Diligent robotics, nurse assistant robot based in Austin texas
  • Boston dynamics
  • Agility robotics, mobile robots based in Oregon


  • Saildrone, autonomous drone for underwater mapping based in alameda
  • Gecko robotics, not sure but based in Pennsylvania
  • Right hand robotics, not sure but based in Pennsylvania?
  • Canvas robotics, construction robots based in SF
  • Osaro, not sure I forgot, some sort of sorting robot I think
  • Dusty robotics, construction robots?
  • Amazon robotics, based in Massachusetts
  • Iron ox, farming robots based in bay area?
  • Outrider, not sure but based in Colorado
  • Starship technologies, delivery robots

Mainly just look for cities which have strong robotics research and education:

  • CMU, Penn state for Pennsylvania
  • MIT, Northeastern, WIT, for MA
  • Stanford, Berkeley for bay area
  • Uwashington for Washington
  • Colorado has a bunch of stuff for some reason
  • Texas is become the new tech hub
  • ETH Zurich for Switzerland
  • I think Germany has some stuff
  • Japan has robotics but they seem very exclusive
  • Singapore has some stuff, I tried to apply to dyson but got rejected every time
  • Toronto has some stuff

Other Reliable Robotics