Speech 1

The idea: We live in a diverse world and we should learn to be more tolerant and accepting of each other’s cultural differences.

  • It is such a hard question, is assimilation a bad thing? Protecting your culture vs assimilating

Cultural Assimilation, Appropriation or Preservation?



What is the role of understanding culture in our society?

Every human wants to fit in.

Country Culture defines how we talk to people. Chinese people really value property, real estate, owning things.

Serving the greater good. I am happy to be a mix of cultures because I get exposed to two different ways of thinking about the world.

Hearing bad things about my own country. I remember having fights with my parents.

During the first week of every school year in elementary school and high school, I would Wanting to permanently change my first name.

By raise of hands, who was born here.

A heritage language is a minority language (either immigrant or indigenous) learned by its speakers at home as children, and difficult to be fully developed because of insufficient input from the social environment.

Just like how both “The customer is always right”, and “customers don’t know what they want” are commonly accepted business wisdom,


between Moving forward in a fast pace world (i.e. assimilating) and continuing to live in the past (i.e. protecting your culture?)

I think the differences in cultures about what is eloquence is really important. And this affects how I perceive people.

Collectivism. There are things to learn from every culture. It About my language.

When I tell people here I come from Quebec, I pretty often get a response like “That’s so cool!” The problem is, I never know what to follow up on that.

Us Quebec people are a rare species.

I find it so weird that when i speak mandarin with international students, they sometimes refuse to speak back to me.

For the past 19 years of my life, I was writing reflexion with an “x”. It was only last week when my friend pointed out: “Why the heck are you writing reflection like that”?

In french, reflection is written with an “x”.

And the culture is so different.