See specific commands in Shell.

OMG USE ctrl+R for reverse search! That is OP.

There are actually a few terminal shortcuts that are pretty useful.

CTRL+A – Jump to Beginning of Line CTRL+E – Jump to End of Line

This works on most things (like inside VSCode):

  • ALT+Left - Go to left word
  • ALT+Right - Go to right word

CTRL+P – Go to Previous Line CTRL+N – Go to Next Line CTRL+W – Delete Previous Word CTRL+U – Delete Line from Cursor to Beginning CTRL+K – Delete Line from Cursor to End

CTRL+D - Delete character ALT+D - Delete word

CTRL+U – Cut from Cursor to Beginning of Line CTRL+K – Cut from Cursor to End of Line CTRL+Y – Paste Previously Cut Text at Cursor

Copy and Paste

For Mac, use pbcopy and pbpaste

your_command_which_gives_output | pbcopy
# Example
cat ~/.ssh/id_rsa.pub | pbcopy

For WSL, use clip.exe and powershell.exe Get-Clipboard

For Linux, use xclip -sel clip and xclip -sel clip -o


sudo find / -name "cuda"