Communication Skills


A Whatzit is any object that draws people’s attention and inspires them to approach you and ask, “Uh, what’s that?” Your Whatzit can be as subtle or overt as your personality and the occasion permit.

Your Whatzit is a social aid whether you seek business rewards or new romance. Likewise, become proficient in scrutinizing the apparel of those you wish to approach. Why not express interest in the handkerchief in the tycoon’s vest pocket, the brooch on the bosom of the rich divorcée, or the school ring on the finger of the CEO whose company you want to work for?

title: Technique: Always Wear a Whatzit 
Whenever you go to a gathering, wear or carry something unusual to give people who find you the delightful stranger across the crowded room an excuse to approach. “Excuse me, I couldn’t help but notice your . . . what IS that?”