Briefly introduced in CS247. Client specs planning programming building testing/debugging source control releasing client (goes in a loop)

  • Client is looped into the process.
  • Typically, work is done in 1-2 week “sprints”
  • Basically, no one uses Waterfall Method


This was the technique that was also used on my team at Siemens and NVIDIA.

I now use this on my YouTube Kanban.

I use this numbering system to label the difficulty of a task:

  • 1 - very easy task, takes ~15mins-1 hour at most
  • 2 - easy task, but takes a little bit of thought
  • 4 - medium task - Takes
  • 8 - hard task, takes an entire focused day to finish it
  • 16 - VERY hard task, takes 2 or more days to complete, AVOID creating these kind of tasks

These colors only work with white background :(

Agile Manifesto

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