Aircraft: Any machine capable of deriving support from the atmosphere from the reaction of the air

Airplane: Power-driven “heavier-than-air aircraft deriving its lift in flight from aerodynamic reactions on surfaces that remain fixed under given conditions of flight”.

Glider: "" but not power-driven

Parts of An Airplane

  1. Fuselage or body
  2. Wings or lifting surfaces
  3. Tail section (empennage), or canard
  4. Propulsion system, i.e. engine
  5. Undercarriage or landing gear

Flying as a passenger

Use this time on an airplane to do Deep Work: “As a popular speaker, Shankman spends much of his time flying. He eventually realized that thirty thousand feet was an ideal environment for him to focus. As he explained in a blog post, “Locked in a seat with nothing in front of me, nothing to distract me, nothing to set off my ‘Ooh! Shiny!’ DNA, I have nothing to do but be at one with my thoughts.” It was sometime after this realization that Shankman signed a book contract that gave him only two weeks to finish the entire manuscript. Meeting this deadline would require incredible concentration. To achieve this state, Shankman did something unconventional. He booked a round-trip business-class ticket to Tokyo. He wrote during the whole flight to Japan, drank an espresso in the business class lounge once he arrived in Japan, then turned around and flew back, once again writing the whole way—arriving back in the States only thirty hours after he first left with a completed manuscript now in hand. “The trip cost $4,000 and was worth every penny,” he explained.”

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