Looking into animation to make my videos more interesting, but I don’t want to invest all of that time into that, it’s like the last cherry on top, maybe can add to the branding.

This channel has great animations:

Manim by 3Blue1Brown is great for animations. You should also look into Unity.

See YouTube Workflow for how I incorporate this.

12 Principles of Animation

  1. Squash and Stretch
  • The more squash, the softer the object
  1. Anticipation
    1. Communicate to the viewer that something is about to happen, like jumping or throwing a punch
  2. Staging
    1. The presentation of any idea so that it is completely and unmistakably clear.
    2. You want to be in control of where the audience is looking, this is same as Filmmaking
    3. Main action of the scene should have proper timing. Keep text as long as 3 times it needs to be read. Sad, makes people feel
  3. Straight Ahead & Pose to Pose

Pose to pose is generally better. Saves you a lot of work. Do the main poses. Straight ahead is better for animations of things that are unpredictable.

Pose to Pose Vocabulary Keys Extremes

5.Follow through and overlapping action

This ads realism. Arms for example, drag

6. Slow in and slow out

  1. Movements start slowly, and slow out slowly. Else it will look like a robot Beginning and end of actions, the parts should be pretty close

7. Arcs

More living creatures don’t move in lines, they move in arcs. Ball follows an arc Arcs are essential

8. Secondary Action

Secondary action is not overlapping action.

9. Timing

Less drawings = fast, more drawings = slow

Movies run of 24 fps,Drawing on 2s, meaning we draw 12 frames per second. makes slow drawings

10. Exageration

Make the essence or the idea of thing more real. Make it more convincing

Push the exageration level until it’s too much, and then go back

11. Solid Drawing

Use cubes, spheres, and all of that, basically understand Perspective.

Avoid symmetry. Avoid twinning

12. Appeal

Make sure characters are appealing to look at, even the villains. Not necessarily good looking, but interesting to look at.

Some general ideas:

  1. Use a variety of shapes
  2. Play with proportions
  3. Keep it simple, because you’re gonna draw it hundreds of times