Data Type

There are 2 categories of data types:

  1. Primitive Data Type
  2. Composite Data Type

Other things to be aware of:

data-type-table.png Also see Signed vs Unsigned Numbers.

Floating Point Numbers

Screen Shot 2021-10-19 at 11.48.50 AM.png

See FP32 (float) and FP64 (double).

Dealing with Floats and the decimals

float val = sqrt(2);
// If you want 12 decimal places
cout << setprecision(12) << fixed << val << endl;

Functions you can use:

ceil(5.3) // 6
floor(5.3) // 5
# round() will round to closest integer
round(5.3) // 5
round(5.6) // 6

How to Convert Binary Number to Float?

I don’t know. Check this article out.

Hemal Shah talked about this to me, about how there is the exponent and the mantissa.

Data Types From STAT206

This is also the same categorization we do in Machine Learning.

  • Categorical
    • Ordinal (subtype)
  • Numerical
    • Discrete
    • Continuous


Integral Type

An integral type is anything that can be represented by an integer. Ex: Character and String, Enum (C++).