Depth-Limited Search

There is a total of 255,168 possible Tic Tac Toe games, and 10²⁹⁰⁰⁰ possible games in Chess. Solving for the entire game tree is not possible nor tractable with vanilla Minimax, therefore we use a depth-limited version of Minimax.

Need to go, but we are assuming a rational player in Alpha-Beta Pruning.

Depth-limited search considers only a pre-defined number of moves before it stops, without ever getting to a terminal state.

If you want to limit by breadth instead, you should useMonte-Carlo Tree Search.

Is this and Iterative Deepening Search the same thing??#todo

How do you get the value of non-leaf nodes? Use an Heurisitic Function.

What does a heuristic function look like? (Chess)

Input: Current configuration of the board

Output: expected utility (based on what pieces each player has and their locations on the board), and then return a positive or a negative value that represents how favorable the board is for one player versus the other.

Can you run DLS on Imperfect Information games?

i dont know why this would be a problem?