My Drive


Entitlement: Feeling as though you deserve to be happy without sacrificing for it. 

Entitlement is about the Ego. It’s when you believe that you deserve special treatment or recognition for something you didn’t earn. You believe that the world owes you without ever giving anything in return.

See Stoicism for a lot of great thoughts on entitlement.


The most dangerous thing to do is to think that you are too “good” for a position. That is entitlement.

Never Forget Where You Came From

When you start becoming arrogant, entitled, think about where you started. Think about the times where no company wanted you even though you thought you were the shit.

Think about when every single US university rejected you.

Realize that you are not special. Humble yourself down. You need to keep working hard. Put in the fucking work.

New Mentality

I don’t expect to get a certain job, but I will work god damn hard to get the job that I want.

My first co-op search

When I was in my first cycle coop search in 1B, I was entitled. I did not really try hard to get the jobs I wanted. I kind of just applied and expected to hear back. Thank god I didn’t get a coop (yet). It was a great wakeup call.

Some of the companies, I was so lazy to apply, I did not see the external form for a company. Moving forward, I will be getting more resume critique from them.

When you face the choice of To Be or To Do, think about:

  • Do I need this? Or is it really about ego?
  • Am I ready to make the right decision? Or do the prizes still glitter off in the distance?

From University Applications have ruined my mindset: “Lesson to myself is that self-improvement is a lifelong journey. The moment you become entitled, the moment you believe that you are perfect and no longer need to do anything, you digress. Just like I did. My worldview drastically changed. I’m filled with hate, anger, once again.”