Intrinsic Value of Life

how do we quantify the value of a particular life? Sparked from discussion with Saeejith.

This goes together with the discussion on Animal Cruelty.

It’s okay to kill animals because our life is intrinsically higher value than them?

In Alice in Borderland, the default state of humans is murder, rape, and cruelty.

  • “Left to our own devices, humans will rape, steal, and kill each other. That’s just who we really are”.

So how are we really better than other animals? From Ethique a l’usage de mon fils by Fernando Savater, I heard that What distinguishes humans from animals is our Freedom. We are free because we are conscious, we can make decisions. Animals don’t know how to do better because they are not conscious.

But how do we know that animals are not conscious? Who says they cannot choose? They make decisions. We just think we are more conscious than them because we have a larger action space.