Do not let Outcome dictate how you feel. Do NOT fixate on outcome, because oftentimes, the outcome is something out of your control. Will you let that control how you actually feel about something you did?

Outcome might be a very big indicator of how well or bad you did, but that is not directly correlated.

Every time I go to a Hackathon, my mindset is not focused on winning, but simply making the best projects possible. Are you going to let the fact that you didn’t win a hackathon dictate how you feel about a project you wanted to work on?

  • If you simply made the project to win a hackathon, that is the wrong mindset to have

The outcome will eventually come, but you need to be Patient.

Life is so much easier when you stop focusing on outcomes

I would to share this piece of wisdom, which is obvious to some but a completely new idea for some other people.

I remember attending my first few hackathons and was obsessed with winning. The truth was, I barely contributed to the team, and I heavily relied on my team to carry me. Needless to say, I didn’t win any of these hackathons.

The danger with this mindset is that your happiness is dependent on the outcome.

I remember this from reading an article written by Holly about failure: “Sometimes you just fail and it’s not necessarily because you did something wrong. Sometimes failure happens because of something you can’t control. Use these opportunities to learn how to get back up and to keep going”.

Oftentimes, the outcomes are things that are out of our control. How a particular judge feels about our project, whether you land your dream job for a particular company. The world is highly stochastic.

I recently attended a hackathon and didn’t win anything. But I did work on a project that I felt pretty happy with. I wanted to explore a project that was using stable diffusion, and so I went ahead and did it. If I win, it is definitely a bonus, but if not, I am not too disappointed because my focus going into the project was to make the best project possible.

When you start to face inwards, that is when your identity changes. When you become more comfortable with who you are.

Mr. Beast doesn’t focus on making viral videos that get millions of views. He focuses on making the best videos. Because he knows that YouTube will reward those videos. (ok this is a little bit of a controversial topic)