Product Roadmap

A high-level, strategic document that maps out general stages of a product’s development. The main purpose is to tie a product’s vision in with a company’s business objectives.

Typically includes the following key points:

Product vision — what you want your product to become in the future. Strategy — an execution plan detailing what your company is going to do to meet the vision. Goal — a time-bound objective that can be measured by a specific metric. Initiative — broad themes that unite features that must be implemented to achieve a goal. Feature — an actual piece of a product that’s either part of functionality or a third-party application. Time-frames — dates or time periods for a certain goal or feature to be finished. As a rule, a product roadmap suggests only an approximation. Status markers — used to track the progress of work. Metrics — assistance in the measurement data-driven goals, e.g. churn rate or organic traffic.