Raspberry Pi

Guide to interface with GPIO: https://www.raspberrypi-spy.co.uk/2012/06/simple-guide-to-the-rpi-gpio-header-and-pins/

Currently I run, to connect to the Raspberry Pi

ssh pi@

To get the hostname, do

hostname -I


Flashing a RPI

Download Raspberry Pi Imager. https://www.raspberrypi.com/software/

Then, select the 20.04 server version.

Default username and password are both ubuntu

Install Ubuntu desktop.

sudo apt install ubuntu-desktop

Ubuntu 20.04, follow this: https://qengineering.eu/install-ubuntu-20.04-on-raspberry-pi-4.html

Using ROS on RPI:

GPIO with Ubuntu

Get raspi config https://dexterexplains.com/r/20211030-how-to-install-raspi-config-on-ubuntu

Sometimes, I make assumptions that are wrong. Like the assumption that we cannot get raspi-config on ubuntu. https://pimylifeup.com/raspberry-pi-serial/