RGB-D Camera

Realsense Camera

The realsense camera actually has 4 different sensors

  1. Left Camera
  2. Right Camera
  3. Middle thing (IR Emitter)
  4. color sensor

From Isaac ROS, check out the setup: https://nvidia-isaac-ros.github.io/getting_started/hardware_setup/sensors/realsense_setup.html

They have a few models:

  • D455 ✓
  • D435i ✓
  • D415 ✗

To check that your camera is correctly mounted, you should be able to see it in


I need to set up the udev rules every time so I can use it inside the container


Realsense in ROS


colcon build --symlink-install --packages-up-to realsense2_camera

Launching the realsense

ros2 launch realsense2_camera rs_launch.py