Your mission in life is to ship. Gordon likes to ship in private.

Real engineers ship -

Ship high-value products consistently over time.

Gordon does not like people who keep changing jobs without really shipping anything.

What should you ship? Important Work

My ideal partner is someone who ships consistently. This is why I don’t see myself working in corporate as a lowly engineer, because I don’t feel like I am shipping anything.

Different kinds of shippers:

  • Artists ship to make you feel. To express themselves.
  • Engineers ship to build practical / useful things for humanity.
  • Researchers ship to deepen human understanding and knowledge.

I think part of my dissatisfication working at large corporations / companies is that it takes years to ship things. It’s probably due to being an engineer in a company. And the product has to be perfect.

But I guess is your metric impact? If no doubt, become an entrepreneur / VP at a large company.

Do you want to focus on big picture problems? Solve large problems? Or do you want to live a simple life as an artist? Use the