“Shipping” is to the process of delivering a product or a feature to the customers or end user.

When you ship is the moment when ideas transform into reality, reaching the hands of customers and making a tangible impact on the world.

Your mission in life is to ship.

  • Some people like Gordon (VP Robotics at NVIDIA) like to ship in private, at a company
  • Others like myself enjoy shipping in public, open-sourcing my code
  • Real engineers ship -

Ship high-value products consistently over time.

The more often you ship, the faster you can get feedback and close down the Feedback Loop.

Gordon does not like people who keep changing jobs without really shipping anything.

What should you ship? Important Work

Different kinds of shippers:

  • Artists ship to make you feel. To express themselves.
  • Engineers ship to build practical / useful things for humanity.
  • Researchers ship to deepen human understanding and knowledge.

I strive to be all of the above.