I need to relearn this. Much better than Fusion 360.

Customize Shortcuts Bars


A list of the most useful commands that I personally use. I tried importing my Fusion360 stuff, but it’s a bit of a hassle to learn.

Basic File Navigation Ctrl + N - New.. CTRL + O - Open.. Alt + Tab - Switch between different windows

Essentials Shift + S - Shortcut Bar (UPDATED) Ctrl + D - Move Selection Breadcrumbs, Confirmation Corner Ctrl + Z - Undo.. Ctrl + Shift + Z - Redo.. (ADDED)

View SpaceBar - Normal To (MODIFIED) #todo TO-FIX Ctrl + 1 - Back (no front..) Ctrl + 2 - Isometric (MODIFIED) Shift + F - Zoom to Fit (MODIFIED) Z - Zoom Out Shift + Z - Zoom In CTrl + T - Hide all Types (MODIFIED) V- Section View..

Tools: Sketch Entities S - Sketch.. (the one under sheet metal) Q or L - Line.. (ADDED) R - Center Rectangle (UPDATED) C - Circle.. (ADDED) D - Smart Dimension (ADDED) O - Offset Entities (ADDED) T - Trim.. (ADDED)

3D tools E - Extrude (ADDED) Ctrl + E - Cut Extrude (ADDED) F - Fillet (ADDED) H - Hole Wizard..

Quick Mate

M - Measure.. (ADDED)

Used in Assembly Selection Filter Hold Tab - Hide the Hovered-over Component/Bodies Hold Shift + Tab - Show the Hovered-over Component/Bodies Ctrl + Shift + Tab - Show all the hidden Components/Bodies Shift-C - Collapse all Items.

Some things to try out: View > Display > Tangent Edges removed

TO Investigate in future: Filter view