Virtual Machine

Learning formerly in ECE222 for some reason.

Virtual machines (VM) were first developed in the mid-1960s, and they have remained an important part of mainframe computing over the yea

The software that supports VMs is called a VMM or Hypervisor. The hypervisor is the heart of virtual machine technology.


VM vs. Docker?

A VM fully emulates the instruction set (hardware emulation). Docker only resides at the application layer, and uses QEMU under the hood if you need the hardware emulation (x86 vs. arm). Else if same system, it uses the linux container for isolation. So faster.

Docker and kernels:

  • You generally can’t install drivers inside a Docker container because drivers operate at the kernel level and Docker containers share the host’s kernel.

Personal Thoughts

I used virtual machines to play Clash on Clans on my computer haha (though at that time, I had no idea those were what they were called)

Then, since Xcode is only available on Mac, I learned through Angela Yu about Virtual machines once again.