Virtual Reality

This is a much more difficult problem that I originally thought it to be, a lot of these problems that arise in designing in VR headsets are also in Robotics.

Also in aerospace, when they try to figure out the orientation of the plane.

Such as

  • Transformations
  • How to account for errors when tracking your head

Some Headsets

Notes from XR Workshop with Kathleen

I attended this workshop with XR and MR. Merged reality is when the real world and the Augmented reality interact with each other.

XR is going to be the umbrella term for AR, VR and MR.

Some Tools:

  • Spark AR (really for beginners) by Facebook
  • Lens Studio (coding in Javascript)
  • Unity is the industry standard
    • Unity actually supports ARKit so that is insane. However, I think I should still use Swift because it’s more native
  • AFrame (powered by 3.js), use for Web Development
  • WebXR can run both in browser and headset
  • ARKit (YESSS), I love Swift β†’

Links recommended by Kathleen:

What is the common approach is compiling to Flutter, and then have both run.

AR Headsets:

North Focals Glasses

VR Headsets:

  • Oculus

Apply for Fellowships, developer pilots where they will grant you access.