Spring 2023. Omg I want to go to National University of Singapore PLEASE.

  • I failed..

It’s good, these courses are really important. Also, I need to focus.

I actually struggled the most this term. Particularly, I found CS341 (did bad like got 50% when I thought I did REALLY bad like 25%), MATH213 (did bad on the midterm 70% when I thought I did really good like 90%+) and SE350 (did bad on the quizzes, like 60%) to be difficult.

CS349 I also did kinda bad, but I don’t care.

CS370 I could also have done better. So now, I need to ace all of the my finals.



  • Choose STV 205
  • Chose CS370 because I wanted to be brought up to speed on technical courses earlier

International Exchange

I want to do international exchange.

Before Match

  1. Attend an information session (NOT done…, need to do it in September 2022)
  2. Go on Waterloo Passport

On exchange, your transfer credits show as Complete / NC??