CARLA Autonomous Driving Challenge


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Plan for W23

Within the CARLA AD Challenge, there are two tracks:

  1. SENSORS track
  2. MAP track

The MAP track provides to you everything in the SENSORS track, but also gives you an HD Map. Our goal within the next 4 months is to create a competitive Perception stack made for the SENSORS track that the replaces the need for an HD Map.

  • flaw with this logic?: how are you supposed to plan if you don’t know the entire global map? go better understand how CARLA sensor track challenge works. Do they expect you to just follow the line?


Camera Object Detection (YOLO): Rayaq, Justin Leung Lidar Object Detection (PointPillars): Isaac, Elly Yu, Multi-Modal Object Detection (BEVFusion): Heet Shah, Dew Bhaumik, Andrew Wang Radar: Cheran and his team (rijin and joel)