This is a really powerful idea that Serena Xu introduced me to.

The moment you stop seeing your peers as competitors and rather see them as collaborators is the moment you’ll stop being an Elitist.

It’s the moment you will stop Gatekeeping because you will start realizing that we are walking the same paths, so why would we each make our lives harder?

  • It’s like the prisoner dilemma example in Nash Equilibrium ahhh Serendipity, there’s is a more global optimal solution that creates a more net positive, but we choose to greedily choose the option to help ourselves the most

From PD20, there are 3 roadblocks to collaboration:

  1. Coordination Problems
  2. Fundamental Attribution Error
  3. Zero-Sum Thinking

Conditions needed for collaboration

  1. Trust
  2. Credibility

Trust is crucial for collaborating as having trust in someone means that you are confident you can put something of value into their care.

  • When my supervisor shares a document with me that contains sensitive and confidential information, she can trust me to not share it with unauthorized individuals and take the appropriate measures to protect the information.

Credibility is a personal quality of being trusted and believed in.

  • People will not want to collaborate with you if they do not take you seriously and cannot trust what you say or do. Building credibility can take time as does building trust. Once you are seen as a credible person who can be trusted there is a higher chance of collaboration with others being