Obsidian facilities Serendipity

Serendipity (“AHA Moment”)

Serendipity is “the occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way”.

I feel like in 2A SE, I found a lot of great moments of serendipity, MAXIMAL LEARNING:

Make more conscious serendipity efforsts

I need to make more a conscious effort to connect concepts. For example, when I learned about the Decorator Design Pattern in class, I heard about Decorators in Python with the @decorator, but I was not curious enough to check if these are connected.

Serendipity Cases

There are too many to name nowadays, so I will just mention this page whenever I have an AHA Moment.

  1. Learning about Finite State Machine in WARG (a design team) through one of the team leads (Dhruv), and then I learn about this topic again in the planning algorithms book. Then, I also see this in ECE124, algorithm state machine which is different or the same.
  2. When I was writing down about Tabulation for ECE124, and I felt like that word was familiar but in a different context, I could instantly check out the note and see that I saw that concept in Dynamic Programming while I was preparing for Dynamic Programming while I was preparing for Leetcode.
  3. The Unit Step Function in ECE140 is actually the same thing as a heaviside function. I was going to add a new note for the unit step function until I realized that it’s actually the same as heaviside (but under a different name)!
  4. I was gonna write a note for Law of Large Numbers but realized I already had a note on that!!
  5. Making connections between, Motor, Alternating Current, Faraday’s Law, Magnetic Field, and just wow the entire world of magnetism!! It’s very fascinating, how these things work
  6. When I figured out that Successor Graphs are basically just Linked List, forget about it, and then get this aha moment again!!


I hear about the word Smart Pointer being thrown around a few times. So it does exist in my brain, but I don’t understand what I means. I am not pressed to learn about it right now, so I just create a page right now for it to represent that it does exist in my brain, but I will write about it more when I actually learn about it.