Frequency Band

A frequency band is an interval in the Frequency Domain.

Frequency band is usually split up into ‘frequency blocks’ of varying bandwidths and auctioned off by national government at a national or local level.

According to Ericsson, NEW: High Bands (24 Ghz - 40 Ghz)

  • Coverage is terrible NEW: Mid Bands II (3.5 Ghz - 6 Hz) Legacy: Mid Bands I (1 Ghz - 2.6 Ghz) NEW / Legacy: Low Bands (Sub - 1 Ghz)

Coverage goes down as we go higher band. (bad) Capacity goes up as we go higher band. (good) Latency goes lower as we go higher band. (good)

Ericsson sends that data over a large frequency band. Numerology, Data Transmission, oh my god it all starts to make more sense

Each horizontal row represents a particular frequency band. Each column represnts time. So we increase in time horizontally, and frequency vertically. That is how frequency and time is related!


The beam information