Graphic Design

Some notes I have from the Udemy Course I took in 2019.


Serif fonts: Traditional (garamond) Transitional (ex: times new roman) Modern/didone

Higher contrast in the thickness

Slab Serif (thick bold, not that much contrast) , political statement

Sans-serif fonts: More modern, clean look

Color psychology: see pdf on pc

Photoshop = raster program Illustrator = vector environment

What makes a good logo?

Balance between symbols, types and elements

Recognizable using only part of the logo

Do not depend on color

Work well on a wide variety of applications (logo in small and in big pictures), can adapt to different situations

Can stand the test of time (how? Understanding better the vision of the company)

Avoid popular trends (dont be trendy, like the cursive logos, be classy like nike logo)

Use negative space to their advantage


Logos are as unique as the company, you do not want to look like everyone else

Quick Tips

  1. Add angle to design (forces viewers to take notice)
  2. Flip your design to reset your brain 
  3. Create different layouts
  4. Create black and white logo (eliminate color as distraction)
  5. Learn keyboard shortcuts to increase productivity 
  6. Use multiple artboards in Illustrator, in 1 file
  7. Learn to use fill color
  8. Shape builder tool
  9. Manually adjust Kerning (using option key)
  10. Use grids
  11. Use infographics in design