Learning through CS Courses

I find this idea particularly interesting.

When you do the assignments of CS Courses, they usually have pre-written skeleton code for you, and you just need to fill in the blank.

There are several cons:

  • it kind of restricts your thinking to a certain approach of thinking about the problem
  • It’s actually easier, since you don’t need to write everything, only parts that the Teacher deems should be evaluated

The pros

  • The teacher makes you work on parts that he/she deems important, so you invest your time into the things that are crucial. Instead of every small detail

Courses where I’ve felt this most relevant:

I notice, however, that I get super demotivated doing these assignments, especially if they are not graded, since I have no way of assessing if my solution is correct. And I am sure there is a better solution out there.

  • I think the mentality of doing these assignments is to try and become a better problem solver, and put into practice the theory that you learn in class. It’s essentially PBL as you’ve intended it to be! What more can you ask for.