I think it is very likely that we like in a simulation. And this will be consistent with the idea of alternate universes.

We run simulations to figure out the meaning of life by watching the societies we simulate figure out life. And since simulations run faster than “real” time, then theoretically we can see the future, and figure out exactly the meaning of life.

Except that the future in those simulations include running simulations. So then it’s like infinite recursion and it would never work, would it? It would just get stuck.

And then the original simulator will just decide one day to terminate the program. And then we all die.

And what about Death? Does the original simulator die still? Or have they reached the point when they are immortal? Then the whole meaning to life changes.

Also, what if every time I sleep, it’s like after I wake up, I wake up in an alternate universe. I think this way because the memories you have are very vague from the previous day. And I guess in different dimensions, you could remember different things. And different things happen to you that day.

Other proof that we live in a simulation

Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle I remember conspiring about this when I was in Grade 11