I think this professor is a good starting ground for my self-study of philosophy.

Then, I also started looking at UWaterloo professors. They have super interesting websites.

I think maybe Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy is the best place to get started.

At some time, I would like to use my time to solve one of these unsolved problems in philosophy:

When you take a philosophy class, you end up with more questions that answers.

Courses in Philosophy I am interested in:

  • PHIL 145 LEC,TUT 0.50: Critical Thinking
  • PHIL210J: Human Nature
  • PHIL 211J LEC 0.50: Death and the After-Life
  • PHIL 218J LEC 0.50: Foundations of Ethics
  • PHIL 228 LEC 0.50: Ethics and Artificial Intelligence
  • PHIL 230J LEC 0.50: God and Philosophy
  • PHIL 237 LEC 0.50: Introduction to the Philosophy of Religion
  • PHIL 255 LEC 0.50: Philosophy of Mind
  • PHIL 256 LEC 0.50: Introduction to Cognitive Science
  • PHIL 259 LEC 0.50: Philosophy of Technology

However, right now, I need to Focus. Engineering is the only way forward for me right now.



Western Philosophy

Ancient Era

Medieval Era

Modern Era



Branches of philosophy