Sociological Theory

Social-Conflict / Critical Theory

I see from wikipedia that Critical Theory and Social-Conflict Theory have different pages…? Maybe Historical Materialism?

Social-Conflict/Critical Theory is a Sociological Theory that is macro-oriented, concerned with the ruthless critique of everything, with origins from Karl Marx.

Social-Conflict View of Society

Society is an arena of inequality, conflict & social change. Society benefits a few at expense of the majority

Critical Theory argues that social problems stem more from social structures and cultural assumptions than from individuals.

Looking at education, a critical theorist might look at the following issues:

  • Perpetuation of Class Structure
  • Existence/Inexistence of Meritocracy?
  • Conflicts (ex: conflicts between students, or between teachers and unions, or between teachers and students) and what these conflicts are based on (Gender, Ethnicity..?)
  • Critical of the content of the school
    • Whose viewpoints are we learning in History from the school textbooks?
    • Very critical of Capitalism since origins are from Karl Marx