Had this talk with William Hu again and remembered everything I learned about sociology really opened my eyes to understand why humans do the things we do.

  • What about this idea of Brainwashing?

I took a sociology course for Fall 2020 at Marianopolis College and it was very eye-opening. Notes can be found here.

Sociology is the systematic study of human society, and uses the Sociological Perspective.

Following this class made me realize that these thoughts that I was having about society and the way we behave, there was actually a whole discipline dedicated to thinking about society.

  • Half of the content is looking at theories, which is not the most useful, but it’s good to know that some people thought about these issues very deeply

Next up, I would love to take a Psychology

Why people do the things they do? I guess this courses teaches me to recognize Cognitive Bias?

I feel that if I went to an Ivy League University, these would be issues I would be thinking about all day. However, I also kind of glad I am going to the University of Waterloo, as I am becoming someone extremely technical.


See sociology book.

Origins of Sociology

Sociology emerged around France, Germany and England in the late 1700s-1800s, due to 3 major social changes:

  1. Development of modern science, through The Scientific Method
  2. Political Change Shift from Monarchy to Democracy
  3. Industrial Revolution, arrival of Technology

Notable People in Sociology