Experts agree if you see the pictures, hear the sounds, and feel the movements of your body in your mind before you do the activity, the effect is powerful.

The biggest strength you should have is practicing Visualization: Visualize both yourself in the past and yourself in the future.

  1. Visualize yourself in the future
    • If you can visualize yourself in the future, you can see what you want, you have a target to aspire to
  2. Visualize yourself in the past
    • As you embark on your journey to reach your goal, you will eventually start forgetting. During those moments, you need to visualize yourself in the past looking at the future, to remember why you wanted this in the first place. Do not disappoint the older version of yourself. Remember Steven, your hero is yourself in one year. Never forget that

I did visualization for my Glider pilot license.

Visualize your ideal conversation. Visualize going up to pretty girls.