Learned in CS241E and CS241E and ECE222.

ECE222: An Assembly language is a low-level language that uses symbol representations (Opcode) to designate the bit sequences of Machine Language instructions.

Important: Assembly Language Machine Language

An assembler is a program that translates assembly language into machine language.

Reg(0) alway has value 0.

Find absolute value of the value in Reg(1):

  • SLT(Reg(2), Reg(1), Reg(0))
    • Compare register 1 and 0, and store binary value in Reg(2)
  • BEQ(Reg(2), Reg(0))
    • Check if reg 2 == reg 0
  • SUB(Reg(1), Reg(0), Reg(1))
    • Subtract to make the negative value positive
  • JR(31)
    • Jump to the register 31