DC Motor

Brushless (BLDC) Motor

This is a Synchronous Motor that uses DC. To control this motor, we use a ESC.

I used this for drones.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m6TW1WZn9CA&ab_channel=RCexplained Inrunner vs outrunner motor

  • Inrunner has higher kv, but lower torque
  • Outrunner has lower kv, but higher torque due to the distance being greater

Brushed DC Motor vs BLDC Motor

Brushed motors are generally cheaper. Brushless motors tend to last longer because there is no direct contact because of the brush found in Brushed Motors.

For the F1TENTH

The BLDC motor used is the Velineon 3500 kV

From Shaheer

You need to remember how a BLDC motor works. It’s essentially just alternating between different poles, so 2 things

  1. Current controls how much torque, intensity of the field
  2. Frequency (through pwm signal) controls how fast you are alternating between the poles


What Role does Voltage and Current have in an RC Brushless Motor?

This guy argues to calculate the voltage requirements first, and then torque. Be really careful with the torque because that is essentially the load requirement on the vehicle. If the load is too much, then the motors are going to overhead and potentially blow up, because it is trying to draw too much current.