Occupancy Grid

Tesla mentions this, and clearly it is used in a lot of papers, such as Radar. https://drive.google.com/drive/u/2/folders/1gyp6usl1m9K7QQJTqOaj6IO4ZJgjDq8H

It is quite simple. An occupancy grid is just a standard grid where the value of each cell is either

  • “occupied cell” (black)
  • “free cell” (white)
  • “un-explored” cell (gray)

When we use ROS and publish to the /map topic, what we are actually publishing is an occupancy grid!

sst_ = this->create_publisher<nav_msgs::msg::OccupancyGrid>("map", rclcpp::SystemDefaultsQoS());

ROS Occupancy Grid

How is the occupancy actually encoded?

Xinjie talked about wanting to use double precision to pass data around.