Poker AI The objective of the game is to win money in the long run.

Poker Equity: This is a measure of a hand’s strength (probability of winning plus one-half the probability of tying) against a uniform random draw of private cards for the opponent, assuming a uniform random rollout of the remaining public (i.e., shared) cards. This is known as the Expected Hand Strength (EHS).

Personal Lessons From Paying Poker

  • Don’t go all-in in cash-games, unless you are really confident. It also depends on how much money you have left
  • In Poker, you can lose it in all just one round. Even though you played perfectly the whole night, if you make one wrong decision, where you opponent makes you go all-in and you call and you bust, even though you 20x your starting size, you end up with nothing.

It’s a little bit like life right, where one bad decision and you end up dead.

The lesson is, don’t get Greedy. If your opponent goes all-in, don’t think they are bluffing initially.

Best card combination I’m starting to get this game now. Essentially, the strategy is to play like you are trying to make a move with the opposite hand.

So say you have a good hand, you want to play like you are bluffing, so you make really big bets.

  • You gotta act like you have the opposite, so when you hit something, you just check.

And if you have a shitty hand, don’t do stupid stuff. Don’t bluff like a dumbass.

For example, on the river you get 9 10 J Q. If you try to to bluff by making a super big bet, people will call. If you actually had a king, you would want people to call, so you make a smaller bet.

I lose a lot of money when i bluff, especially when I bluff with lots of money

Hands you make

The two people sitting to the right of the dealer need to place bets. First guy is small Second guy is big


  • Fold
  • Check
  • Add more money

Poker Hand Rankings

Royal flush is the best.

Online Poker

I have been playing online poker and doing really when I just check to underrepresent my hand.


The Poker for Dummies book has been pretty helpful.

Poker Theory